Avi Rozen

 Vector and pixel artist, a graduate of the Avni Institute of Art and Design Tel-Aviv.

Lives and works as a graphic designer in Tel-Aviv.

Influenced by technology, computing, mathematics, physics and biology.

Tries to find a new aesthetic by blurring the boundaries between design, painting and photography.

Demonstrates a new visual world of reassembled images built from pixels. Believes that by concealing data, the eye is drawn to the missing points and invites the viewer to complete them.

The more the eye focuses on the missing data, the more the viewer becomes attentive to the piece, and gets involved in active dialog with it.

Using different techniques: Vector design, Paper Folding, Photography, Oil on canvas. Painting only with black oil color on white canvas creating unique contrast.

Among other things, exhibited in IMAGINATION, Israeli Art Exhibition from 2008 to 2011, Art About Munich 2014, Art About Frankfurt 2015 and more.